Directional antenna PANEL 14dBi / 2.4 2.5GHz

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Interline – Directional antenna PANEL 14dBi / 2.4 2.5GHz

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PANEL 14/2.4GHz
Product code: IP-G14-F2425-HV

PANEL 14 – is a series of panel directional antennas, intended for installation both outside and inside buildings. Housing made of high-impact plastic. The PANEL series of antennas is made in microstrip technology, which ensures excellent repeatability of the electrical parameters of the antenna in the production process. The modular design ensures a perfect fit, which guarantees reliable operation in all weather conditions and consistent high quality. Small size, weight and aesthetic appearance make them a discreet and elegant solution for every wireless subscriber.

Key benefits

  1. Solid casing
  2. Powder painted backplate
  3. Resistant UV
  4. Radiators Protection ( with a special varnish )


  1. Low level of side lobes
  2. Adjustable mounting
  3. Adjustable polarization